Auto Loans and Bankruptcy in Vineland, NJ

Auto Loans and Bankruptcy

Joe LaCroce's Blog | Auto Loans and Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can not only hurt your credit score temporarily, but it could have also caused some issues with your transportation. Some borrowers aren’t able to keep their car and loan after they file for bankruptcy. And the kicker? Having a bankruptcy on your credit reports can make it tough to get approved for another auto loan with some lenders.

There are lenders willing to assist borrowers during and after bankruptcy, though. Instead of just relying on your credit scores to determine your creditworthiness, they take an in-depth look at your situation. These lenders, called subprime lenders, are signed up with select special finance dealerships, and we want to help you find one.

I have made it my mission to help applicants with credit challenges get the auto loans they need. With my network of special finance sub-prime lenders, I can work with you.  Call me NOW at 856.213.4026 to discuss out plan of action to get you into a vehicle TODAY!

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